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Where® IN New York

With endless options, New York City travelers and locals need experts to help them decide how to spend their time—and money. That’s why millions turn to IN New York’s savvy insights, Where New York’s authoritative, at-a-glance coverage, Where GuestBook’s gorgeous visuals and engaging editorial and the indispensable Where® IN New York Map. 

Where® IN New York products are also available on a web-based, multi media platform—making our content and offerings more timely and accessible—with targeted concierge and consumer e-newsletters, up-to-the-minute information and deals, additional editorial coverage and a strong presence on several social networking sites. The Where® IN New York brand portfolio transforms Tri-State, national and international travelers into local spenders, joining the New Yorkers we already reach. Leveraging our special partnership with the hospitality industry, our market-leading publications bridge the gap between sophisticated travelers and your doorstep, ensuring their return…and yours.


Exquisitely designed, Where® GuestBook New York is an annual in-room coffee-table book produced in a 10”x10” hardcover format that explores and elegantly captures the soul of New York City with timely yet timeless editorial and stunning photography. Targeted exclusively to affluent travelers, Where® GuestBook is distributed in-room at New York’s superlative 4- and 5-star accommodations.

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WHERE®New York Magazine

A traveler’s trusted companion for more than 70 years, Where® New York magazine is the monthly go-to guide—and guide to go—published in a compact European digest size. It’s New York shopping, dining, events, attractions and sightseeing at-a-glance. With upbeat covers, extensive maps and information-rich content, Where is a must-have visitor guide for both hotel concierges and travelers, and is distributed in-room and at the concierge desks of 3-, 4- and 5–star hotels, American Express Travel Offices as well as visitor venues throughout the city.

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Where® IN New York Map

The Where® IN New York Map, published quarterly, is the map of choice for scores of hotel concierges, and millions of visitors and locals. Visually appealing, the map features detailed city and theater maps with traveler-friendly navigation tools that provide the most direct routes to the city’s top sights, shops, restaurant and entertainment.

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IN New York Magazine

The affluent traveler’s Personal Concierge™, IN New York magazine is a full-sized, portable monthly providing a comprehensive, behind-the-scenes, inside look at the best New York City has to offer from a vast variety of restaurants, entertainment, retail, museums, galleries, spas and more. In addition to dazzling covers and engrossing features, IN New York offers handy event calendars, comprehensive maps and traveler-focused info and has a pulse on city life and happenings for visitors and locals alike. It’s distributed in-room and at concierge desks of the finest 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels, as well as various visitor centers and the Queen Mary II.

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